Technically more Windows stuff than Linux stuff, but it bollocksed up Linux, so I guess it counts. Anyway, for some reason, a week or two ago, I needed to boot to Windows (Plex gives me fits, updating new content), and I forgot that Windows had been trying to check the HDD for…forever, I guess. I almost never use Windows anyway, so meh, but I’d walked away from the computer while it was booting, and didn’t notice. When I came back, not only was it not booted to Windows, it wasn’t booted at all; it got to the “Press any key to boot from CD,” and then just stopped. Black screen, line at the bottom that looked like a cursor, but couldn’t type anything. I thought Windows must’ve toasted GRUB somehow while it was “checking the disk for errors” (i.e. doing whatever is in its power to make sure you don’t use a non-Windows OS), so I made a GRUB rescue disc and ran the fix. Nope. Still did the same thing. I looked in the BIOS settings, and everything seemed okay, so then I smacked F12 on boot to get into the BIOS boot menu and make sure my HDD was still showing, which it was. Third on the list after both USB drives. Hm. I had no more time to dick around with it, so ever since then, I’ve just booted it with F12 and manually selecting my SATA drive, but this morning, I decided to fix it. To make a long story short (hah!), the answer was in the ordinary old advanced BIOS settings…somehow, my SATA drive had been moved from first to third, so the machine was searching a 350GB and a 1TB USB drive, looking for boot files that didn’t exist. All I had to do was move the SATA drive up, but I was so pissed off and in a hurry the first time I tried to fix it that it didn’t occur to me that it could be something so simple, since I hadn’t changed anything, or run anything that would make changes in the BIOS. Whatever. It seems fine now, and I’m posting this in case the mobo is failing or something, and this happens again, and I don’t remember what the problem was. (That sentence makes the Grammar Nazi cry, but it’s good enough.)

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