I loved my husband, but I did not love the green plastic round table that he bought years and years ago. I’d hoped he would throw it away when we moved from the old house, but…nope! I might have hated it less if it hadn’t been round, but I just don’t like round tables; they take up too much space for the surface area that they provide. Anyway, I had to order some 2x4s last week for work, and since RP would be delivering them to the shop, I asked MN if I could add some 2x10s and 2×6 to the order and sell them to myself. He said sure, and ME even delivered everything to my house on Friday. The 2x10s were for the table and so I can get rid of the bale of straw (that’s another story!) on the patio, and the 2×6 were for a better “table” for Miff’s dinner mat (LOL…dinner mat), and also so I’ve got some random pieces of lumber for little projects.

It’s just ordinary 2×10 yellow pine, so it’s certainly not fancy, but I’m not fancy, either, and it’ll be good enough to put outside on the patio.  While the lumber was stacked on the patio, the white pine 2×6 gained a small, angry resident. I do not think he wants a hug…I think I should be glad he’s little and I’m big. 🙂

2x10s cut, glued and clamped.

I definitely could have done more sanding, but I didn’t care that much; I’ll never make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, so it’s good enough. There was a piece of 1×3 poplar that came with the house, and I’d never found a use for it thus far, so I used it to brace underneath. Sanded and ready to stain.

Not quite…this is pine, so I gave it a “wash” with mineral spirits before staining it to help keep it from going blotchy. You can really see it’s yellow pine!

Wiped on a first coat of stain because I wanted to see if it was going to be blotchy. Not bad for a first coat.

The second coat I applied with a sponge brush, and really whacked it on to let it absorb everything it would.

Waited 15 minutes, then wiped off the excess. It’s a lot more neutral, which was kind of where I wanted to go. I’m okay with this. It’s not magnificent, but I used points for the legs and already had everything else, so the cost of this table, even after the poly is done, will be $13.08 plus tax, and I get a solid wood table with adjustable metal legs. I think I’m going to use the ridiculously expensive Bona poly that I have left over from the floor. Maybe. I might use the Polycrylic that I have left from…whatever the hell I used it for. Don’t know yet.

I brought it inside to do the poly. Partially because it’s raining and chilly, but also because while there is cat hair indoors, there is not “stuff” falling off the trees. My glue blob is readily apparent here, but it was too much sanding, so I said to hell with it. Adds character. 😀

My trusty assistant had to check out the crinkly plastic. Miff loves lightweight plastic drop sheets; when I did the floor, I left a pile of them in the bedroom for nearly a month because he’d pounce on the pile, play for a few minutes, then fall asleep in it.

There. Two coats of Minwax Provincial stain, and four coats of Bona Mega satin poly, finished after work on 05-15-20. The legs won’t be here until next Wednesday, so the poly has a week to cure to full hardness. Beautiful, no, and Bob Vila won’t be knocking on my door with an award any time soon, but perfectly serviceable, and (assuming the legs aren’t total junk) nice and sturdy. Weighs a fucking ton; this isn’t going to blow away!

Last Sunday, I cleaned up the patio a bit and washed the windows, which is why the concrete is wet. I was sort of tired of having the table top inside, sitting on sawhorses, so I took it out and put it roughly in place. The legs will arrive on Wednesday, which will be one week from the last coat of poly, allowing it to cure completely. I’ll just flip it over on the sawhorses, attach the legs, and put it in place. I like the size; big enough to be useful, but not stuck out so far as the round one, and doesn’t look so trashy because it’s not plastic. My plan is to paint Bulky’s chair black to match the legs of my little table and this one, and to stain my rocker the same Provincial as the table. P’s Adirondack chair is probably going to end up painted the same colour as the trim on the house. Assuming I ever get Onje’s table done, that will be stained the same as the big table. It’s not a $2000 patio set, but it’s good enough for us.

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