Not much of a project, and in this case, I really kind of “over-sanded”, but considering it will be entirely covered by his “dinner mat” (lol), it’s good enough, and certainly better than the corrugated insert from a scratching pad, covered with black Gorilla tape!

I initially used three 2x6s, then cut it down to size. This is rough lumber, so I sanded with 60, 80, 120, and 220.

I wiped it down with “odorless” (hah!) mineral spirits, and applied a coat of stain. I kind of wish I’d skipped the 22o because it didn’t take as much stain as I wanted.

Really slopped the second coat on!

Wiped off, and applied leftover Bona Mega. Christ knows that stuff cost enough, and I’m not planning any floor projects for the near future…or possibly for the rest of my life!

I ended up with three coats of poly, so now I just have to leave it for a week to cure, since the dinner mat is plastic, and completely covers the cat table. Not perfect by a long shot, but a nicer way to keep Eugenia the robot vacuum from running up on Miffy’s food, and it cost about five bucks!

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