I began this blog in 2005 just to see what the whole blogging craze was about. It started out public; I’d link to it in my profile in various places on the web. I got bored with it fast because I had to watch what I said, since I never knew who’d be reading it and might be offended, and I didn’t want my own (sometimes not-very-nice) opinions to reflect upon web sites where I had some small authority. It was never meant to be one of those pretentious, “Here’s what I think about world news and events, though I never went to journalism school”, nor was it meant to have a particular subject, let alone be a repository for articles or stories that I’d written (if I’d ever written any!) It was always meant to be a sort of online journal…ish. I abandoned it for a while, meaning to take it down but not getting around to it, and finally, I decided that I’d keep it, but make it somewhat less public. It’s still “public-ish”, but I don’t link to it anywhere, and I write what I goddamned well feel like writing. I suppose it ends up a combination of bitching, frustrated Grammar Nazi and Linux stuff I don’t want to forget (this way, it’s accessible no matter where I am or what computer I’m using), but the opinions expressed are my own and in no way reflect anybody else’s stand on anything, anywhere in the world, at any time. It’s screaming-jesus pink because I like screaming-jesus pink, and I think the penguin is cute. If you’ve noticed that comments are disabled, that’s because I have neither time nor inclination to chase spammers and moderate comments, and because anyone who actually reads this (hi to both of you!) knows me and knows how to contact me. If you don’t like my opinions and don’t already have my contact information, then look up near the top of your browser and you’ll see a left-facing arrow. That is your back button.

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